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This classic swedish husband slip-in is crafted by hand with a wooden sole and embellished with a soft velvety suede bonded to a italian vegetable tanned leather lining.

• 47 mm heel height (1.85 inches)
• squared closed toe
• suede
• italian vegetable tanned leather lining, chrome free
• lime-tree wooden sole
• rubber sole

Swedish Husband Clog

Color: Nature
    • Avoid moisture and rain. The colored italian chrome free leather does not need to be treated. For protection, transparent shoe cream can be used.
    • The leather can have marks, or vary in color and thickness. Heel of lime-tree wood is fragile, be careful around curbstones and steps to avoid chipping the heel.
    • Protecting rubber sole-the wood will naturally let go of the rubber sole, as wood expand and compress depending on humidity.
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